Hi, I'm Nick!  I'm the mayor here at Console Glory!  In addition to writing about video games I also make music. I used to co-host a pop culture podcast with my filmmaker friend GJ called The Bionic Broadcast.  We talked about life, love, movies, sex, death metal, bronies, robots, Satan, booze, and Tyler Perry -- a little bit of everything! We wrapped it up in 2015 after 100 episodes, but it was a good little show and it's still available on iTunes.

As far as video games go, I've been playing them my whole life and my love for them continues to grow. I have owned or played most of the major US home consoles (and even a few obscure ones) since the days of the Atari 2600. Why consoles? Ease of use, mainly. PC gaming is great, but over the years I've found it too expensive to keep upgrading my system in order to play the latest games. Plus, each console is its own little island with its own vibe. Everyone remembers the feel of a NES controller or the spot in the entertainment center where their Playstation sat. The cartridges? The box art? The music? The pixels?! Come on!

If you're wondering why I never cover [insert name of gaming system] games, I'll tell you. It's because I probably don't own or have access to that system. I have nothing against you or your favorite game box (believe me, if I had the money and space I'd own everything under the sun) but the idea behind this blog is less about the video game industry as a whole and more about me writing about my personal experiences. Thanks for understanding!

You'll also notice my fondness for arcade games. While I agree that they're not technically consoles, I love and appreciate them in much the same way.

From old school favorites to the latest and greatest; if I'm playing it, I'm writing about it. Thanks, and enjoy.

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