Friday, August 19, 2011

Repost-O-Rama! Video Game Graffiti

Earlier today I went looking for some good examples of game related street art. I came across a few cool pieces that I thought I'd share. This first set is brought to us by the good people over at Walyou. Wacky name, cool site. Check out the original post for more.

Wario catches a lot of heat for being a fat, ugly sack of shit, but his games are actually pretty fun.

Seriously, whose idea was it to put Megaman in a blue Speedo in the first place?

Ryu Hayabusa, one of my all-time favorite 8-bit character designs.

This next set comes via There are a few repeats in this series, but also plenty of cool originals, and even a few stencil designs. Check the original post.

Katamari Damacy, do-ba-dee-doo!

The Iceman cometh! Good thing I capped that fool Elecman first...

The Portal games feature some incredible line art. Plus, stencils are rad.

Jump, man! Mario makes David Lee Roth so proud...

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